A robust remote project
management system

Manage projects and tasks. Do async standups. View advanced analytics.

Projects & Tasks

Projects & Tasks

Create projects and tasks with ease. Add rich text descriptions and attach documents, screenshots and videos. Use Kanban Boards to monitor progress for each project.

Standups and Checkins

Run remote asynchronous standups over Email and Slack via daily check-ins. Stay updated on what is happening and unblock your team to boost productivity.

Standups and Checkins
Planning and Analytics

Planning and Analytics

From basic task level analytics to uncovering hidden insights for better planning, we've got all your project management data needs covered. Our intuitive search feature lets you look up information across projects and tasks quickly.

Slack integration

Our first class Slack integration brings all your alerts and notifications to you, right inside Slack. Get updates on tasks, reminders to fill in your standup message and alerts on upcoming deadlines.

Daily Chekin

Why Us?

Remote friendly

Asynchronous standups and check-ins coupled with Kanban Boards. Plan and deliver great projects.


No complicated setup. No administrative hassle. No nonsense. Invite your team and get started in minutes.


Integrations with your favorite collaboration tools like Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox.


Super fast updates and alerts. High performance web application designed for high velocity teams.